Thursday, 14 June 2012

End of Another Academic Year...

Tomorrow is the end of the Easter term here at the University.
The academic year is divided into three terms: Michaelmas Term, Lent Term and Easter Term.

True to tradition, as we do at the end of each term, we invited all the students working in the area of research my group is related to for a lunch in the President's Lodge in one of the old colleges.
Here are some (poor pictures taken with my IPhone) glimpses of the walled garden

The weather looks nice, but it isn't quite the summer temperatures we could wish for and the event was held indoors. 
Still, I wore a dress AND no stockings!
Our own office summer party will not take place for almost another month in this garden so we can hope it gets warmer by then!


  1. Ja det håper virkelig jeg også, at det blir varmere! Jeg hadde fri fra søndag til onsdag, mandag morgen dro jeg på impuls ned til hytta ved Lillesand. Der ventet det meg 19 grader og sol, jeg dro fra 10 grader, skyer og iskald nordavind.... Været har en enorm betydning for oss som ikke er så godt vant....

  2. Store ønsker for sommeren her også. Sol og varme. Masse av begge deler. Ønsker deg en fin helg.