Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Hidden Gem...

The Plough, Fen Ditton
A while ago I had bought tickets for us via Groupon for a different type of river cruise. Punting is the norm here in town, but this was a trip on a barge outside of town.

I suddenly remembered these tickets and as they expire soon, The Professor and I decided that today was the day for a river cruise! The weather didn't start out too great, but hey! this is England - it is bound to rain at some point in the day so that can't stop us!

The boat left from The Plough in Fen Ditton, a pub previously unknow to us. We found the place and it turned out to be a gorgeously charming place. But before exploring the pub any further a handful of people joined us on the most relaxing river cruise ever. This picture is from one of the properties we passed. It had also once been a pub, but it was now privately owned.

There were lots of gorgeous properties along the river and loads of birds with the young ones.
There were also groups of rowers training on the river. Our Boy rows for his school and they regularly come down this end of the river. Our guide told us about 200 boats train on the river every day. It is always a concern to find a balance between the rowers and the local wild life.
Further down the river, closer to town we passed several riverboats. Looks lovely on a summer's day, but not sure I would like it in the cold and damp winter...
The weather perked up and we passed a group of people having a party in their garden along the river. Unfortunately, they only waved to us, but didn't invite us in

We also got some attention from the cows along the bank who studied us with interest. Apparently, there is an old ancient law that allows the cows to graze in the fields around town and also in the park close to our house.
The cruise returned to the pub from where it had started and more people had arrived to join the next cruise. It only takes 45 minutes - perfect to work up an appetite!

So, we ended our day out with a lovely lunch at the pub!
This is definetely a place I will take guests next time anybody comes over!

I love discovering hidden gems, even after all the years in my corner of England!


  1. Tusen takk for at jeg fikk "vært med på en liten" river cruise i England idag, så da helt utrolig sjarmerende ut !

    Nyyyt helgen :)

  2. Tusen takk for turen. Enig med Helen, så veldig sjarmerende ut.