Sunday, 24 June 2012

Recommended Reading: Things We Left Unsaid

Need a summer read?

I have just finished reading Zoya Pirzad's book "Things We Left Unsaid".
 It is a graceful, tender, funny and interesting insight into a way of life in Iran surprising and unknown to many people.

The story is set in privileged suburban Abadan in the south of Iran in the 1960s. The city was built around the oil refinery which opened in 1913 after the British discovered oil at Masjed-Soleiman. Abadan became a company town where the city was divided into neighbourhoods or districts where the workers of the oil company lived.

The main character in the story is Clarice who is married with three children. The story describes her happy family life which is shaken up when a new family moves in across the street and she starts to question her own contentment.

It struck me that the most surprising part is not the description of a way of life which I recognised from what I have been told by my own family, but I kept feeling it could have been a story set in many European or American families in the 1960s.

I really recommend the book and think you may find it surprising.

PS: there is a glossary at the end explaining some names and places and foods you may not be familiar with


  1. Det hørtes veldig interessant ut....jeg liker godt å lese bøker fra andre, litt ukjente kulturer. Akkurat nå leser jeg en fra India.. Skal notere meg denne.

  2. Alltid deilig med en god sommerlektyre - har alt kjøpt meg inn 2 nye bøker til sommerkveldene...hvor av en er på engelsk.

    God sommer ønskes deg og dine, så håper jeg været er stabilt og FINT hos deg :)