Tuesday, 19 July 2011

End of Childhood...

borrowed from the world wide web

We went to see the last Harry Potter film this weekend.
In 3 D!
Wow! What a ride!
I won't spoil it for anyone and say too much, except
I loved it and
I was literally exhausted at the end.
And yes, I cried -
probably the main reason Our Boy has stopped taking me to the movies...


Somebody else who grew up with the Harry Potter books made a comment saying
it felt like their childhood was now officially over...


If you like the Harry Potter books,
I am sure you will love the film.

I would recommend seeing the first part of this last book before going
because it is amazing what you forget...!

Or maybe that is just me!


  1. Så bra..vi skal se den ,store og små neste uke..gleder meg til det!!
    God sommer videre:)

  2. Her skal de to eldset avgårde med mannen min i morgen...gjett om de gleder seg!

  3. Bare innom for å ønske god sommer!

    PC-crash og bare tyvlåner PC et øyeblikk her :)

    Sommerklem fra Tove