Monday, 18 July 2011

On Familiar Ground

I tend to re-visit my favourite places over and over again. 
This weekend we had a couple of the younger relatives from Norway visiting with a friend 
and I took them to one of my favourite places which I have written about before - Wimpole Hall.

The weather has not been brilliant lately, but the colors in the picture above are true. 
Shortly after taking it we were surprised by heavy rain - twice - on our short walk 

- but hey! you can't let a thing like the weather stop you!? 

And the rain gives other photo opportunities, as well.

That is the true nature of this part of the country 
- we often have rain/thunder/sunshine and gales within 30 mins.

You often hear: 'if you don't like the weather, just wait 10 mins...'

The goal for our walk was the old folly. 
A folly actually has no other purpose than purely ornamental. 
This one is designed to resemble the ruins of a medieval castle and was built on the grounds in the mid 1770s. It is substantially built and stretches for two hundred feet in length and include a four-storey Gothic tower. 

I love coming out here and find the entire area very romantic 
and it virtually 'echoes' with voices from ancient times...

- no matter the weather!


  1. Når en bor både i England og hos oss i Norge går det ikke an å legge for mye vekt på været, det er stabilt ustabilt....nydelig område du besøker og skjønner godt du liker deg der. For tiden ser jeg på Jane Austens Emma som serie på tv og det er også filmet i et sånt vakkert og romantisk område.

  2. Nydelig. Jeg ønsker meg såå en tur til vakre England.
    Klem Tove