Thursday, 28 July 2011

Not Even Funny...

Talk about self induced stress:
I took Our Boy to his guitar lesson yesterday
and while I was waiting for him in the car,
I relaxed and had the radio on for company,
as well as a good book and
the sun was shining.

I also had left the lights on and
apparantly the car fan was running
(nope, too engulfed in the book and didn't notice).

45 mins later Our Boy came back from his lesson and was very happy
as he had passed grade 3 in his guitar studies
and we were all set to
drive home and cook dinner.

Or not

The car didn't start...
and I realised I couldn't hear the radio any more...
I admit I know very little about cars,
but it didn't take a genius to realise the battery was flat.

"Not to worry", I thought after the first panic when I realised most of my friends are away on holidays had subsided.
"We have break down insurance!"

Except I couldn't find any papers with any information on in the car. 
I had a vague vision of seeing the papers at home and
"somebody" must have taken them in for one reason or the other...

New panic!
I couldn't for the life of me remember which company we are with!
As I annually review our insurance policies to get the best deal and therefore often switch both breakdown company and insurance company, I couldn't remember who we were with this year... While Our Boy started walking home to find the papers, I started calling the various companies I thought it might be and on the fourth attempt I struck lucky - yes, The AA confirmed we are indeed current customers!
If I hadn't found out which company it was it would have cost me £130 to get somebody to come out...
Within 30 mins the nice man from The AA was there and sorted out the car immediately.
The battery is once again healthy and I hope I have learnt a lesson.

So, perhaps the question is - 
does this then mean I have saved £130 I can spend on something more fun than breakdown insurance...?


  1. Du har 130 pounds du kan bruke på deg selv. Det er innlysende. Og det er godt å høre at det er flere enn meg ;) DH har limt fast alle sånne opplysninger til dashbordet.

  2. ...*ler*..ja, det var en super måte å spare penger på...som du helt klart kan bruke på andre ting!! :O)

    Klem Fredrikke

  3. Å sitte der uten batteri skjønner jeg godt ikke var noe kjekt. Jeg har heller ikke noe særlig greie på biler og er heller ikke videre interessert, kun at de bruker lite drivstoff og virker når jeg vil kjøre. Men, det er helt klart...Du har 130 pund å bruke på deg selv i helgen. Det er premien for å oppspore riktig forsikringsselskap....

  4. Det er helt klart at du kan bruke disse pengene på deg selv!
    Med god samvittighet! Hehe.. =}

    Må innrømme at jeg måtte le litt
    der jeg så for meg at du satt å koste deg.
    Mens batteriene bare ebbet ut... hehe..

    Man lærer så lenge man lever!


  5. Definitivt, du har jo tross alt spart 130 pund......eller...