Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tried and Tested: Eton Mess

This dessert epitomises a very summery English dessert to me. 
'Eton Mess' originates from Eton College where they apparently have served this during their cricket game against Winchester College since the 1930s. 
Be warned, it is rather rich, 
so small portions are recommended unless 
you are more generous with the strawberries than the other ingredients...

What you need is:

Whipped cream
Meringue - which you crush up into small pieces
(I took the easy way out and used shop bought)
Chopped fresh strawberries

Mix all well - a real mess!
But oh, so nice and very quick and easy.

If you want more details of a recipe Delia has one here


  1. Så deilig og fristende ut, jummi!:)

  2. Hei!! Du har kanskje spist Pavlova?? Marengsbunn, krem og masse bær eller frukt!! Din verson er en smart måte å gjøre det på!! Fristende!! Annek:-)