Friday, 1 July 2011

Recommended Reading: The Lost Art of Gratitude

Sitting in the garden last night I completed yet another book by the very prolific author Alexander McCall Smith. His books and series are becoming like old friends and I am always a little sad when I complete a book. However, he is extremely productive and there isn't much of a wait before there is a new one in the shops. I am following all his various series and have no problems switching from one to the other.


This one is from the Isabel Dalhousie series on the Sunday Philosophy Club (set in Edinburgh!) and is among my favorites. Actually, I have noticed there already is another one in this series "waiting" for me!

Happy Days! 

The short resume of this one I just completed reads:
Isabel Dalhousie, philosopher and amateur solver of other people’s problems, meets an old foe, Minty Auchterlonie, at a birthday party attended by their young children. Ambitious Minty, now the head of a small investment bank, is in trouble with her shareholders. Isabel becomes involved, and is drawn into a murky world of financial concealment.

Minty is not the only high-flier in Isabel’s life; her niece Cat has just become engaged to a tightrope-walking stuntman. Isabel fears his next job – and the engagement – could end in disaster. Meanwhile, her own boyfriend Jamie has marriage in mind too .


  1. Tusen takk :o)
    Fikk ordentlig lyst å lese boken.
    Skal se om jeg får tak i den på Norli.
    Det regner og er kaldt her i Bergen,
    så et teppe, en varm kopp te og en god bok blir nok min trøst på familie ferien på hytta.

    Håper du har en fin dag :o)

  2. Hei, godt å se deg i gang igjen....siden du skriver så positivt om Mc Call Smith har jeg bestilt 44 Scotland Street på Amazon og lånt bok nr. 2 Espresso tales på biblioteket. Forresten så har de nå begynt å ta fraktkostnader på Amazon, tidligere sendte de gratis til Norge...Gleder meg til jeg får den, høres ut som deilig og lett sommerlektyre...God helg til dere.