Friday, 29 July 2011

Rock On!

last minute practise while waiting for the exam

Throughout the years, Our Boy has tried out numerous hobbies.
The interest for some only lasted a term, some lasted longer.
We were never bothered about how long they lasted.
Our views were
'this is life - you've got to try out various things before you know what is for you'.


 So in line with this philosophy we bought Our Boy an acoustic guitar a few years ago (neither of us are particularly musical although I used to sing in a choir many moons ago - I definitely have a 'choir voice').

We have been happy to take him to lessons (he has a very cool and patient teacher), but we never pressured him to practice. There are so many other areas of his more formal education where we have had a much stricter view, so the guitar has been his choice to take more seriously if he liked it.

The first year he hardly touched the guitar between each lesson, but there seemed to be progression...
He then passed the Entry Exam in the Rock School's examination system.
It was as if something loosened and we started hearing him playing in his room.
He saved up money and bought his first electric guitar and an amplifier.
He has even built two electric guitars himself which he regularly plays on (one of them is pictured above!).

Do I sound proud?
Yes, I am!
I can't play any instrument properly and
 would certainly not entertain the idea of building my own guitar.

As I mentioned previously, Our Boy just completed Grade 3 in Rock School's examination system.
Rockschool is Europe's No. 1 rock music exam board offer rock musicians the opportunity to get the same qualifications that classical musicians can get.

Our Boy's current aim is to complete Grade 5 by the time he goes off to University in a few years time as you can apparently get extra credits for having taken a grade 5 exam on an instrument.

I am just glad he has found a hobby for life!


  1. Du har all grunn til å være stolt mamma.... Det er god lærdom i å lære seg og spille et instrument og en kan ha glede av det hele livet.

    Ønsker dere en deilig sommerhelg. (Jeg skal som vanlig jobbe, sove i Alta og Ålesund)

  2. Så bra!
    Og slettes ikke dårlig å bygge sine egne gitarer.

    Jeg har spilt giter, piano og sunget i kor (pluss blokkfløyte på skolen, men det var ikke noen go`lyd som kom ut av den...*ler*..)

    Eldste sønnen min står på vente liste på den kommunale musikk skolen, for å lære å spille gitar. Her er det flere års ventetid...sukk...
    Men den som venter på noe godt, ventert jo ikke forgjeves... :O)

    God helg,
    klem Fredrikke

  3. Skjønner at du er stolt! Kult med gitarist:)