Friday, 8 July 2011

My Little 'Assistant'

The Cat is definitely my 'baby'. 
Wherever I am in the house, he will be close by, watching and waiting for me to sit down 
so he can jump on my lap. 
In the evenings he will sit at the bottom of the stairs and 'tell me' in no uncertain terms 
that it is time to go to bed. 
I am sure he loves that I have a TV in my bedroom as this MIGHT mean I will go to bed early...

He is also very fond of Our Boy, not so much of The Professor...
It is kind of mutual...


However, he is not too happy when I sit at the computer, 
but has learnt to be patient and wait for me... 
sometimes sitting on my hands while I type (!) and 
sometimes curled up in front of the screen under the lamp. 

Yep, there is definitely something in the saying that 
'You don't own a cat, he owns you!' 
Or me, in this case.


  1. Ahh my Mum & Dad's cat always used to climb on their shoulder whilst they were on the computer, meaning they couldn't stay on for too long as their arm went to sleep!

  2. Høres jo veldig koselig ut med en katt som er så, må innrømme at katter ikke helt er min greie.

  3. Så heldig du er som har en sånn venn...eller at han har deg...fortsatt god sommer, klem, M

  4. Hallo!
    Koselig blogg du har. Hyggelig at du følger meg.
    Jeg er veldig GLAD i katter :) Før vi fikk hund hadde jeg to Hellige Birmaer. De er bare så nydelige.
    Appen jeg lastet ned heter Easyframe og Romantic Photo.

    God helg KLEM